We thrive to help clients obtain financing that tailor-fits their needs. Whether a first-time home buyer, we have a tie-up with some of the prominent banks and other financial institutions to address clients’ needs and unique financial situations throughout the entire real estate & financing process. We base our business on integrity, building relationships, and serving the community.

Asset Management

Property investment comes with an added responsibility to maintain and manage it.

As real estate asset manager we act as an owner of the investment property and looks out for the property owner’s best interests. We are proficient in repositioning a property and streamlining operations to reduce expenses, increase income, and improve property value.

We deal with strategic and important issues related to the property. We create strategies and execute to enhance the value and cash flow of the assets.

Our asset management services include:

  • Renting the property using our wide range of marketing tools
  • Making the necessary contracts and agreements
  • Collection of cheques and depositing the same as per the instruction of the owner
  • Timely inspection of the property with prior notice to the tenants
  • Providing proper notices to the tenants whenever necessary
  • Taking care of the cleaning and minor repairs

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We strongly believe that a house becomes a home when its complemented with the best suiting interiors. A pleasant interior makes a home more lively and attractive to the home-owners and tenants who live in it. From blinds to hand-crafted pieces, we are happy to discuss any interior solutions – no matter how big or small. Our interior designers will help you and design your new home/ office within the given budget.

Property Valuation

Whether it’s buying, selling, or renting a property, its always important to know the actual trending market price of the property to make the best decisions. Our team of specialist agents helps you keep informed about the market price of a particular property that helps you make the right decisions at the right time. This specialist team of agents uses their vast experience, algorithms, and mathematics to help you arrive at the optimum pricing of a particular asset to help you make the best decision.