Reasons To Invest
In Dubai

  • Tax free returns – dubai has no direct taxes and thus the rental returns as well as the capital appreciation on real estate investments are non taxable and absolutely tax free.

  • Infrastructure- dubai has the highest standard of infrastructure when it comes to road, telecommunication, airports and ports. Dubai has one of the finest quality road infrasturucture and is home to one of the busiest sea port and 2 airports.

  • Safest country- according to the global competitive index 2018 of world economic forum, UAE is the second safest country in the world with almost negligible crime rates.

  • Second highest rental yields in the world- Dubai’s properties generates an annual yield of 7-9% annually which is second highest in the world after Amsterdam. This rental yield is much more than the global average of 3%.

  • Most affordable luxury space per square feet- Dubai is known to have the most luxurious real estate developments at an average per square feet of $600 which is quite cheaper as compared to other property hotspots like new York, London, hong kong, paris, Sydney, Mumbai and Amsterdam.

  • Geographical location- dubai’s geographical location is such that it sits in the close proximity to Europe, Asia and Africa and thus makes it one of the most favorable coast city for international trade

  • Easy financing- dubai has emerged as the regional financial center of the middle east as it is home to a large number of local and international banks. Finance is readily available for real estate transactions with the interest rates ranging from 3-4% with a flexible repayment period of upto 25 years.

  • Real estate regulations- the real estate of dubai is governed by Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) which is an arm of government of dubai to look after the interests of investors and home buyers.

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