Offplan property for sale in dubai


Offplan property for sale in dubai

Offplan property for sale in dubai

To mitigate these biases, companies can introduce bias training to sensitise employees and speak publicly about the negative impact of bias. It is also important to track outcomes for promotions and raises by gender to make sure women are being treated fairly. Companies should also extend policies and programmes to support i working mothers.

This includes , , offering more paid time off to provide I resources for homeschooling and other I i parenting resources. In addition, companies should also make sure women are aware of the full range of benefits available to them. Studies have shown that there is a significant gab .

The 'LEAP' ahead Their extensive experience in the events field was fully tested when they co-created LEAP. Samll's mega tech event. which launched last month with even more visitors attending than the recent editions of Websurnmit.

Mobile World Congress and rws, which up until the pandemic, were the world's largest tech shows. It was held at the Riyadh Front Expo Centre from February 1-3 and featured over 500 speakers and more than 700 technology startups. Informa believes this was the largest debut tech event in history, with Saudi Arabia announcing over SG.4bn in future technologies and entrepreneur-ship Investments. Over 100,000 visits were made to the show, causing traffic standstill in Riyadh.

"The Saudi government is in the midst of a remarkable transformation. They're transforming the world's largest hydro-carbon economy into one of the most vital tech hubs. In order to help drive that, the Ministry of Communications and informa-tion Technology (MCIT) wanted to host a globally impactful technology event,"

says Champion of the primary idea behind LEAP. Mander goes on to outline the core idea behind LEAP, adding, "The Ministry wanted to bring innovators, entrepreneurs, startup investors, venture capitals and private equity firms under one roof. So, we created this one-of-a-kind platform for everyone to meet, explore, learn and enable genuine business?' Apart from MCIT, another leading entity the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security an. Programming (SAFCSP), played a majc .